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Tips for getting your wife or girl friend underwear

This is a bit of a tricky one. Most women would appreciate some gorgeous glamorous undies but most would prefer tasteful to tacky. You might like the scarlet woman look but this isnt always appropriate as a gift and let's face who exactly is the present for? There is also the problem of size. Bras, in particular do not come in standard sizes regardless of what it mayday on the label. Actually finding a bra which fits nicely and is gorgeous and comfy for many of us an impossible dream. In desperation I went to Rigby & Peller and got fined and have had perfect fitting bras ever since - but what was an added bonus is that I now have a far more flattering bra size than I would ever have dreamt.

If you would really like to buy your lady some nice undies then may I suggest the following tactics. First tell her that you would like to buy her something special but dont want to get it wrong so either ask her to get fitted at a specialist shop. The up market shops have a far greater range of sizes (especially larger lady sizes) than the basic 36,a, b and c etc and they give the impression of glamour and romance as opposed to the tacky Ann Summers type. These bras do not come cheap, many are around ?5O but you do not have to buy from the shop. On the internet you can find quite a few underwear shops selling the top brands, such as Rigby & Peller, Warner, Gossard, etc. at a fraction of their shop prices and if you have the correct size for a particular make it will fit. All you have to do is choose something nice. See, or do a search on google.

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