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Mother's day gifts | The worst and best

This Mother's Day survey was conducted on behalf of WishList, Inc. through Zoomerang, an online market research firm. Three hundred U.S. women and mothers between the ages of 18 and 65 were surveyed.

Worst Mothers Day Gifts

Survey respondents offer some sage advice for Mothers Day: Do Not Forget! Forgetting Mothers day topped the list of worst gins ever. Thinking about buying a can opener or vacuum cleaner? Wrong. Household appliances rank second on the list of worst gins ever received by moms. Other no no's include cooking and cleaning items, socks and clothes that donifit. One woman said the worst gift was a tie between a 'toaster and having to eat out with in-laws with a one-year old with a 101 temperature.'

Worst Mothers Day gifts:

  • Nothing-16%
  • Household Appliances - 11%
  • Cooking/Cleaning Supplies - 7%
  • Socks - 6%
  • Non-fitting clothes - 6%

Apparently, some moms set their sights high to make Mother's Day special. Four percent would love to receive a car, money or a weekend getaway. Other moms opt for more practical gifts including flowers, time alone with their spouse or a dinner at a nice restaurant One mom requested a response from movie star Mel Gibson, to whom she claims to have written four times with no answer.

According to the survey, the best Mothers Day Gifts were: 

  • Handmade Gifts - 13%
  • Jewelry-12%
  • Flowers-12%
  • Spa/Massage Pampering - 8%
  • Getaway Trip- 8%

The majority of Mother's Day fantasy wishes revealed some surprisingly traditional requests.

  • Be with family- 23%
  • Dinner at a nice restaurant- 13%
  • Relaxation/Sleep - 12%
  • DayTrip-9%

Other less conventional fantasy wishes include an African safari, a cruise or a trip to a tropical resort.

According to the survey, the most popular romantic gifts were flowers, a weekend getaway and jewelry.

  • Flowers-22%
  • WeekendAway-12%
  • Jewelry-12%
  • Nice Dinner Out- 10%

Other items mentioned include lingerie, diamonds, spa/massage and a candlelight dinner. Only three respondents out of 300 wished for sex.

'Its evident that Moms want special attention on Mother's Day,' said Shakin. 'In addition to spending quality time with her and letting her relax, be sure to pick out the right gift by letting her decide what she would really like'

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