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Three rules for giving gifts to men

Three Rules for Giving Gifts to Men

Rule I
The best gift for a man is one that has a functional purpose. It can be something related to an activity such as golf. It can be something related to a particular type of work he enjoys doing around the house such as wood working or gardening. It may be an extravagant remote control for the TV. In most cases the best gin is one that matches something that he has an interest in and is useful in that interest

Rule 2
Listen to men. They will tell you what they want. (Yes ladies, we dont usually drop hints the way you do. We come right out and tell you.) Listen and go find the gin that matches that request Creativity is appreciated, but not required.

Rule 3
In most cases it's a plus if a man's gift requires batteries or an electric cord.

For men, ideal gifts are almost always those gifts that allow them to DO something. Men in general want to accomplish something. Sometimes, particularly to women, it seems like what they're doing has absolutely no value. He may want a new power saw to do some wood working that he may only do once every five years. He may want a new Driver, even though he has three in his golf bag and has yet to break 100. Still, its something he really wants to have. As I said, listen to what a man tells you he wants. If it has a functional purpose, it's probably on the right track, and if it requires batteries or an electric cord in order to run, you probably have a winner.

Special Tip
Sometimes the best gift for a man is just to give him permission to do something he enjoys. For example, if your man enjoys golf, you suggest that he go golfing with his buddies next weekend. Tell him his 'honey do's' can wait If he asks why, just tell him that its because you appreciate everything that he does for you. Be sincere. You'll get a very happy man back.

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