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What women wants the most as gifts?

Most desired gifts for women

It appears women are so ready for an escape from their daily lives that of the women in the study who said they want travel as a gift (27 percent), a majority (67 percent) said they would be willing to buy it for themselves. Almost one-third (29 percent) of the women who selected travel as a top gift choice said they want a cruise, and one-quarter (26 percent) said they want a tour package. If women cant escape for a true vacation, a quick trip to the spa is a hot gift item for nearly half (44 percent) of the women who chose a getaway gift.

'The fact that two-thirds of women said they are willing to buy their own vacation or spa package indicates that they are feeling the stress of balancing very full lives, an uncertain economy, and the demands of families, careers and other obligations,' said Carrie Mc Cament, managing director of frank about women.

By contrast, only 11 percent of men surveyed listed travel as a desired gift for this year Their number one gift choice: electronics equipment For the 41 percent of men who said they want electronics, almostone-third (30 percent) said their top pick would be a fiat-screen TV, 23 percent chose a new computer, and others (16 percent) said a digital camera is their gadget of choice.

'Men's gift choices are more often items you would use at home - in the family room or home office. We believe this shows men are not feeling the same need to escape as the women we surveyed,' Mc Cament said.

Other top choices for women's gift ideas this year are jewelry, chosen by 23 percent of the women in the survey, and electronics, which 11 percent of women chose. Men chose cars as their third preference at 7 percent.

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