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What is right for her style and taste?

Chances are, her taste in jewelry is not one of your typical topics of discussion. So if you want to surprise her with a gift of jewelry, how do you know it will be something she will like? This is easy, because she’s already showing you everything you need to know.

Notice the kind of jewelry she wears now. Is it classic or stylish? Small or large? Take cues from what she’s showing you and you cant go wrong.

Heels and Handbags or Classic Style

If she coordinates her handbag and her shoes, you might consider a style of jewelry with a unique twist like exotic, black Tahitian Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings, an 18k White Gold Double Heart Diamond Pendant, or Diamond Hoop Earrings.

If she wears very little jewelry, or the same necklace and earrings, consider something classic that goes with anything.

Try a pair of Diamond Stud Earrings a Diamond Solitaire Pendant, or depending on whether she wears primarily gold or silver, give her a classic pair of 18k Gold Hoop Earrings or Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings.

For more classic jewelry ideas, view our Jewelry Essentials. Determining Her Tastes Her taste is easy to determine. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Does she wear primarily gold, silver, or platinum? Choose the metal she wears most
  • Does she wear subtle stud earrings and thin chain necklaces or larger, more noticeable things like big hoop earrings and wide bangle bracelets? Make sure your gift matches her taste in jewelry size.
  • Does she have a few precious things, or does she have several ensembles she wears for different occasions? This will help you decide whether to spend more on one thing, or less on several things that go together (this is called a jewelry ensemble).

If she prefers little or a lot classic or stylish, small or large, or silver or gold ? to match her style and taste take cues from her current jewelry and you can be sure she’ll love her gift.

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