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Ideas to find out what female wants

The first no-no is buying a gilt that you picked out according to your own taste. Most women are really not into guy toys or fancy gizmos like that cool remote controller that you'd just love to have. Pay attention to her taste and style. Buying her silk and satin probably isnt going to work if she really loves to wear denim and boots. Another example is buying avant garde art for someone who adores baroque furniture.

What you are going for is something that will get a pleased smile and this will usually mean something that she just wouldnt normally buy for herself, maybe even something she would think was too frivolous to buy.

Put some thought into it- that's what great gift giving is about Get a gift that shows that you know her and what she likes and dislikes. If you havent been paying attention, go on reconnaissance mission - look at what she surrounds herself with, rummage through her jewelry. Just dont get caught- it tends to spoil the surprise. Oddball gifts will work if she has that kind of sense of humor, but usually a book about raising sheep in Uganda isnt going to work You will just get a perplexed look

Before you reach into your pocket book to pay for perfume, think again. Perfumes smell differently on each individual and sometimes they meld into a downright offensive smell. Cheap perfumes are the worst choice - they usually have a faintly obnoxious smell to them even if they do come in a pretty gift package. However, if you know for sure what her favorite perfume is, that's a really good choice for a gift.

Buying jewelry for your wife or sweetheart is generally a great idea. Again, pay attention to her taste and style in jewelry. Does she usually wear gold? Or is she fond of silver? Does she like big dangly earrings and elaborate necklaces with rows and rows of beads? Or does she like simple, elegant pieces that are not flashy? Whatever you do dont buy junk jewelry- it may not look cheap to you but it will look cheap to her and chances are that she will never wear it.

Birthstones or stones related to her zodiac sign may be a good way to personalize - but again, pay attention to what she likes to wear. If she never wears any rings but a wedding ring, then you should probably just steer clear of rings.

Flowers are always welcome, especially when they are in beautiful boxes, bouquets, and vases and so on with gorgeous ribbons. Think beautiful, think artistic, think special.

Most women love chocolates, but sometimes they have a love-hate relationship with them. Its probably not a good idea to buy chocolates if she is having a battle with a growing waistline. Dont buy cheap chocolates. Buy them packaged beautifully. Think luxury and gourmet, even if you can only afford the smallest box.

Clothes are a real gamble. They can look great on the rack in the store and truly awful when you put them on. This is particularly true of dresses and pants. Sweaters work a little better but you need to do some sleuthing. Look in her wardrobe and get the size of her favorite sweater from the tag on the back of the sweaters neck Color is an issue too - what are her favorite colors to wear? There maybe aver/good reason why she doesnt wear orange- she may look terrible in that color.

Speaking of spy missions, you can always ask her friends and female family members whattheythink she would like. Women love to talk and they love to talk about their likes and dislikes. Family members often know things that just about no one else in the world know.

One of the things women just love to do is show off their really great gifts to their friends and family. So before you buy that gift, ask yourself- would she be proud to show it off? Would it be something that she'd bring out so everyone can admire it? Would her friends say in a slightly envious tone-wow- he bought that for you? wish my...would buy me something like that

Here's one final tip from my husband. He became very desperate after racking his brains year after year trying to figure out what he could buy me. Then he had a really inspired idea. Whenever he hears me exclaim over something he tries to remember it long enough to write it down somewhere. Come time to buy presents he gets out his notes and goes shopping. He really likes this as he regards shopping as some kind of commando mission. Get in. Find it. Pay for it. Get out. Mission accomplished! He's very pleased with himself. And I'm very pleased with my gifts.

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