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Gorgeous Things to Put in Her Handbag

It may be true that the average handbag contains an assortment of paraphernalia including, keys, purse, tissues, half eaten sandwich, several chocolate wrappers, spare nappy, socks and knickers, book of the moment, and house brick but apart from these essentials most women like to include a few pretty things to make the rummaging into bag more enjoyable. Let her choose a new bag because that's a very personal choice but perhaps you could give a new handbag contents kit.

Pay some attention to what she already has in the bag. Is the make-up bag past its sell by date? Find a gorgeous one to replace it- but keep to the same sort of size. There are some very pretty phone, address books and notepads around and pens. key rings might seem boring but they can be gorgeous, the M-S christmas catalogue has an example of a pretty one (pretty does not mean practical, funny or tacky). Other goodies to include could be boots essential aromatherapy pulse point gel which comes in several flavors including sensual, a handbag mirror if she doesn't use a powder compact or a pretty credit card holder.

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