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Women love chocolates!

Make no mistake about it- fine chocolates in beautiful packages are a wonderful gift for women. Most women are in love with chocolate. That includes me! And I am definitely not alone. The America Fitness Association reports that about 40% of women and 15% of men report chocolate cravings and some people go so far as saying they are addicted to chocolate.

Research indicates that we may actually be craving the calming effect that chocolate brings on and not the taste; although, for many, nothing compares to that sweet, smooth texture melting in your mouth.

Chocolate is an amazingly complex food, containing compounds that stimulate hormones and brain chemicals. When we are in love, our brain releases certain chemicals that are responsible for the feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Chocolate contains some of those chemicals, which stimulates the brain and creates positive energy and feelings ranging from happiness to euphoria.

Chocolate even has health benefits. A recent study indicates that chocolate is actually good for your health. According to a report recently published in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association, the flavonoids contained in chocolate, particularly dark chocolate and cocoa, are associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Chocolates contain flavonoids, which are believed to have antioxidant properties that help ward off conditions like heart disease.

Tips for Buying Chocolates:

  • Choose high quality chocolates that are taste sensational. Dont buy discount chocolates and expect to get a 'wow' response.
  • If you know what kind of fillings she likes, buy an assortment of chocolates that feature only those fillings. Think about her favorite chocolate bars to get an idea of what she really loves.
  • Choose elegant, beautiful packaging or beautiful gift baskets.
  • Buy from chocolatiers in far-off places. Itís really exciting to receive a gift from France or Belgium if you live in Portland, Oregon.

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