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Three rules for giving presents to ladies

We've all done it, tried to find that very special gift for that very special person. We are not talking about a box of candy or a new crescent wrench. We are talking about the type of gift where the recipient's eyes go wide, their mouth drops open, and they are shocked into a stunned silence. We've walked the malls, leafed through stacks of catalogs, driven endless miles, listened to interminable advice from salespeople and friends, and finally, just to end the agony, bought something. Sometimes it was a great choice. Sometimes it was something else?..

After years of coming up with some very good (and some very bad) gifts, I began to believe that there was some way, some set of guidelines or rules, that I could use to find the 'WOW' gift. (I was trained as a scientist so I did the natural thing. I started a research project) I started talking to men and women about the things that they really enjoyed receiving and about the way they chose gifts for special people in their lives. At first none of it made any sense. The harder I tried to make sense of it, the more it seemed like nonsense. Stubbornly, I kept looking for 'The Answer.

Finally I began to realize that men and women talked about special gifts differently. Men felt that it was easy to find a great gift for another man but struggled to find one for a woman. Women had the same problem in reverse. I did some reading on the differences between men and women and the way they perceive gifts. (The book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, was a big, big help here.) After a lot of work, the pieces finally began to fall into place. I realized that there actually was a set of rules you could follow that could help you pick the ideal gift for that other person. To no one's surprise, there was one set for women and another for men.

I was tempted to write a book about all the things I had found but realized that it would not be much use. There would be too many things to remember Can you picture people walking through a mall and searching through the index of a book while they are shopping for a special gift? (Seemed pretty silly to me too.) But what if it could be boiled down to just a few simple rules, some common sense, and a little creativity? That could work, so that's what I tried to do.

You will have to adjust these rules depending upon your own budget, the kind of circumstance you are in the importance of the event, and the other miscellaneous things that come up in our lives from time to time. Still, if you follow the rules, you will have discovered a simple, effective way of selecting and giving gifts that will get a great big WOW from the person who receives them. Have a great time!

Three Rules for Giving Gifts to Women

Rule I
A great gift for a woman has no functional use. This means it can be things such as jewelry, nice clothes, vacations, short trips and other things that, in the minds of most men. have no particular use. (Guys, l know this is hard to believe, but try it)

Rule 2
If the gift has a functional use, it must be extravagant. For example, if you are buying your wife a new car, dont get the low-end model. Get the high-end model. In other words, dont buy the standard edition, buy the luxury edition. If you are getting your wife a household appliance, make it the best one that you can find. (I really dont recommend appliances for WOW gifts, but sometimes you HAVE to be practical. I had to be that way when my wife and I were first married.)

Rule 3
Under NO circumstances should a gift have an electric cord attached. Most women view gifts like that as things that require them to do something. You do not give a vacuum cleaner You do not give a hair curler You do not give things that require batteries or require plugs!. Just dont do it'.

I found it hard to believe that for most women it's not the size of the gift that matters. It's how often that they receive them. A number of smaller gifts can be better than one big one. Women also tend to value the amount of time and effort it took to find that gift. They like to know that you had to work to find it. Remember that the reason you are giving a gift to a woman is not to make yourself feel good, although that is certainly a benefit but to make her feel cherished. The gift is to make her feel special. lf you have to go out of your way to get it, it will be more appreciated.

Special Tip
On your way home, stop and pick up a flower A single rose is a good idea. If your budget allows, get a bouquet Do this on a day that is not an anniversary, birthday, or any other special occasion. Just give her the flower and let her know how special she is. She'll let you know that you are appreciated. 

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