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What girls feel about receiving flowers?

That's the message the women we surveyed are sending the men in their lives. Plus, in summer many flowers are a great value. Now, will guys take the hint?

Survey results are from a survey of 520 female adults conducted in March. The sampling error is (+) four percent

Finding #1--Almost all women agree that flowers mean more when they're given for no reason at all.

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Flowers mean the most when given as a surprise or 'just because'.

Agree: 94% Disagree: 4% Dont Know: 2%

Finding #2--A gift of flowers doesnt always mean romance. Women like to be surprised by a gift of flowers from a husband or significant other and just about anybody else.

Q: If you were to receive flowers as a surprise or 7ust because, 'from which of the following men would you like to receive them?

Husband or Significant Other 83% Son: 34% Male Friend: 25% Father 23% Brother 23% Dont know: 5%

Finding #3-- Women like to be surprised by a gift of mixed flowers but they wouldnt mind roses either.

Q: If you were to received flowers as a surprise or 7ust because' what kind would you prefer?

Mixed flowers: 62% All Roses: 28% Other single flower type: 7% Dont know: 3%

Finding #4-- Traditional red is still the color of choice for rose lovers, but other colors are bunched for second place.

Q. What is your favorite color of rose?

Red: 38% Yellow: 19% Peach: 16% Pink: 15% White: 7% Other 4%

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