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Romantic, pampering and luxury gift ideas for girls

Strange as it may seem most women dont want the latest state of the art domestic appliance. useful or 'fun' slippers, the latest popular book, or even their usual favorite perfume. Well they might- but they still want something else. They want you to show you care by being a bit romantic.

The Bath Experience
Us girlies do enjoy pampering ourselves in the bath so dont forget the gorgeous smellies. Here you could just trot off to look at the hundreds of lush opinions and make a selection from there. Whatever you get do try to personalize it a bit either by making up your own special little collection suitably packaged or by including special extras such as some talc with a fluffy puff, a soft towel or bathrobe.

Tile Totally Out of Character Romantic Gesture
A poetry book. It does not really matter if she doesn't normally read poetry-this is one of those presents where it really is the thought that counts. In the poetry section of any bookshop you will find quite a few anthologies of 'love' poems. I think the 'Everyman' series do a couple of reasonable ones. Try and find a poem that relates to you both, put a gorgeous bookmark in the book to mark the place and write something wonderfully soppy in the front of the book. She will treasure it forever Trust me.

The Gorgeous Chocolates
Sometimes I'm afraid I am just a bit disappointed when I discover the same old choccies in my present heap. It's not exactly that I dont like Thornton's year in year out but now and again I would like something very very special. You dont find the very, very special choices ready packed in a box you select them individually from a counter in a posh shop. Even if you can only afford a few it is the fact that you made the effort to specially select them for her that is important. (You can still buy the big box of favorites too though).

You could make them more special by combining them with some other luxury nibbles, such as chocolate covered coffee beans, other favorites, and or drinks in a DIY hamper

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