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Perfect gift ideas for groom | wedding dinner, bridal party, engagement ceremony, honeymoon

When you have received wedding invitations or engagement invitations to wedding party or engagement party, giving a unique gift is necessary to show your blessing for the bride and the groom when exchanging their wedding rings or engagement rings and saying their wedding vows. Gifts are different for man and woman or even for the couple. So, if you only know the groom, you can choose to bring a gift either for the groom only or for the couple.

Cuff links are a popular gift item for the guy. To make it memorable, personalize the cuff links with the groom’s name engraved on them, you may add a smaller font for the date they got married. Another item that can be personalized is a keepsake box especially for the gentleman, so that he can store loose change, lighter, cigars, play cards, golf balls and other clutters.

Technical gifts that will please the groom include iPod or iPod accessories, digital diary or digital organizer, camera and cellphone. Useful and yet practical gifts include skincare kit, honeymoon kit or holiday gift and survival kit. You can buy or make a small bag to hold the personal essential items with other knick knacks. Accessory gifts include elegant watch, bracelet, chain, ring, tuxedo and many others.

If the groom enjoys golf and you have the right budget for the wedding gift, get him a set of golfing gear. If he loves fishing, buy him fishing gear such as fishing rods, spinning reel, baits, container to store the bait, fishing hat, fishing jacket, fishing gloves and the list can go on and on depending on how much you are willing to spend. Wrap these all nicely in a basket or a nice gift box.

Giving individual gift will offer you a wider gift selection as compared to choosing one gift for the couple. But of course, if you know the married couple, it is courteous to bring one gift that can be enjoyed by the couple.

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