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Presents tips for bride

Gifts for this once-a-lifetime occasion should carry the quintessence of your best wishes and many happy returns to the lovely bride. The bride will love sentimental presents as her wedding gift.

You can get paintings as a wedding gift for the bride to put in her new home. This gift is sure to be treasured by the bride if she adores art. The painting of course, must be somehow related to her or her love life, it could be a picture of her new house and with her and her hubby. If she is your best friend or your close relative and she has told you before about her first date with her soon-to-be husband during courtship, then request the artist to paint the first restaurant they have eaten together during the date. If she relates to you about her best and favorite dating spot with her hubby, paint that picture and present to her!

You can also give a scrapbook to show her journey together with her husband during the girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. To surprise her, never ever ask any photos from her. A good way to start off with is through her Facebook, Friendster and blog. There will be plenty of pictures of them for you to choose from her Facebook or Friendster and also juicy stories you can get from her blog. There and then, you may start your scrapbook with little cute love stickers to brighten the book. She will for sure shed tears of joy when receiving your gift.

Other common wedding gifts but still a great pleaser for her will be jewelry such as crystal or birthstone in a form of ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet, earrings or brooch. You may get these gifts engraved with the bride’s initials and the wedding date.

Besides jewelry, you may opt for a cheap wedding gift and yet thoughtful, if you do not have that much budget. Wedding theme photo frame, photo album, trinket box, jewelry box or case, sachet and drawer liner set are sweet and pleasant to receive.

At the end of the day, the deep thought that goes in choosing the right and best gift for the bride is something that makes it all even more special.

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