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Surprise valentine gifts for parents | gift advices

While most lovers getting busy planning and preparing Valentine’s Day gifts, cards, flowers and other presents, many tend to forget to get Valentine gift for the most important people in their lives- their parents.

You can prepare a Valentine day gift basket for your mother and father that include your parents’ favorite food, snacks, dessert and cocktail. Then bring them to a nice park and have a picnic with them. Spend some family quality time together and have a good conversation with them. Your parents will love the meal you created for them and of course the time that you spent with them is priceless!

Buying Valentine’s Day cards for your parents is a great way to show your appreciation but they would love most if the cards are specially hand made by you. Before giving the V-day cards to them, include a sweet and nice personalized letter to each of them.

Dig out recent photo of the family outing or family event and make a scrapbook or frame the picture up. This is a meaningful and thoughtful gift as they will be able to remember the fun time they had.

If you are working or living somewhere far from them and spending some time with them seems impossible, send them gift cards to your parents’ favorite theatres or cinemas, restaurant, coffee shops, departmental clothes shops or the local drugstore. But remember no matter how busy or how far you are, give them a ring and wish them ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and express your thankfulness and gratitude for their love and care.

If you are a parent, you too can give Valentine’s gift for your children. This is a great way to educate your kids to instill love and care in them when they grow up.

Example of fun and cool gifts include Valentine’s Day coloring book, card-making kit, candy-making kit, heart-shaped chocolate-making kit, heart-shaped cookie-making kit and work together with them in one of these Valentine’s Day activities. After the activity, acknowledge their effort by presenting them small and cute soft toys or their favorite treats.

Whatever you end up getting for your family members, remember to give them hugs and kisses and tell them how much they mean to you on this special V-day.

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