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Valentine's day gift advices for friends | a day dedicated to all kind of love, including friendship...

Valentine's Day is not only for lovers who are in a romance relationship, it is a day dedicated to all kind of love such as friendship. You can give your friends a small and affordable gift to show your appreciation and care.

Goodie bags or candy bags are great fun gift as it is inexpensive and little effort is required. Buy cute decorated treat bags and fill them up with sweet heart-shaped lollipops, heart-shaped chocolates, candies, Hershey kisses and a little note to wish your friends and colleagues a ‘Happy Valentine's Day!’.

Other treats to put in the goody bag besides candies are herbal tea bags, gourmet coffee or chocolate drink packs. Hot chocolate or coffee is a great gift especially if your buddies live in a cold climate as they can be enjoyed during the winter.

If you have the time and enjoy baking, homemade cookies are well received present as they are always appreciated and nice to savor. On V-day, you can make heart-shaped cookies, sprinkle with chocolate chips or pink and white sugar sprinkles. Other than cookies, you can bake Valentines Day themed cupcakes. Your friends will sure to love this gift and appreciate your effort!

Little plants in pots are great gift and a way to show that you care for Mother Nature and the environment. There are many nice flowering plants or leafy plants that you can find in a plant store.

Easy gifts include iTune gift cards or Starbucks gift cards or just a simple e-card to wish everyone Happy Valentines day.

With these cheap and easy Valentines Day gift ideas, say Happy Valentine’s Day to all your pals in a fun and nice approach.

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