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Thanksgiving gift ideas for party host and hostess

Usually, a Thanksgiving dinner party will also be considered as a family reunion for most of them inclusive of your dad, mom, father-in-law, mother-in-law, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins and some invite a few of very close friends or neighbours. While for those that are away from home and unable to return to hometown to celebrate this special occasion, most of the time they are invited to their colleague’s, friend’s or neighbour’s Thanksgiving dinner at their respective homes.

Either you are attending your family’s or relative’s Thanksgiving party or your colleague’s or friend’s Thanksgiving dinner, it is courteous to bring a gift to show your gratefulness and appreciation.

Gourmet or food gift is always appreciated. As most of the host or hostess will have prepared a dessert, bringing another dessert that is special can be a nice gift. If you are a good baker, you may share your delicious dessert from the recipe that is passed down by your grandmother or mother. If you are not one, then buying a dessert from a bakery or supermarket works as well. No guest will complain by having more options in the dessert menu.

During Thanksgiving, many gourmet shops come with creative ideas by wrapping assorted food such as mouth-watering chocolates, candies, cookies, pretzels, jams or fruits into a very nice gift basket that will look great as a table centrepiece.

If you think that the party host or hostess will be serving the guests with plenty of appetizing food and you do not wish to add in more food to the menu, you can get other non-food item as a Thanksgiving present.

Unique wine stopper, wine opener, wine bucket or cooler, matching mittens and apron, potholder, kitchen hand towel, pretty and useful containers, dining ware, coaster sets, decorative bowl are among gifts that are thoughtful and will be put to good use for the kitchen.

Exclusive candle holders, scented candles, potpourri make great gifts for the party host’s or hostess’s home too.

For fun gifts, you can buy interactive DVD games which are played on the TV screen where the guests can be divided into two teams with each team trying to outdo each other to get the correct answers, board or card games like Uno, Bingo, Jenga, Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary, Mad Gab, Taboo and many more. This is a great present to break the ice and to have some entertainment after the dinner party.

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