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Company's Thanksgiving gift ideas for customers and clients

In the business world, a company has its responsibility to maintain a loyal customer base and at the same time, gain prospective clients. Most of the companies get the custom of sending Christmas gifts and greeting or holiday cards to their customers, clients or business associates that eventually makes it very competitive if budget is a constraint to your company.

To make the company outstanding from the rest of the companies or your competitors, why not give Thanksgiving gifts instead? Not as many companies send corporate gifts on Thanksgiving occasion than Christmas festive, thus your company will stand a better chance to please the customers and produce incredible results for your business.

Wine is one of the most popular corporate gifts. If your client is a drinker, go to a vineyard or wine store where the staff can assist you in selecting a good and fine wine. Put it into a nice gift box together with a wine opener or 2 wine glasses to make it more exquisite. To personalize the gift which will never fail to impress the customers, have the corporate CEO’s name or initials engraved on the wine opener.

If your client is more to a coffee lover, you can buy a coffee gift basket. Besides fresh coffee beans, round out the gift basket with a bit of snack such as coffee cakes or muffins, coffee mugs, travel mugs or thermos flask to keep the coffee warm. Tea can be easily traded for coffee in the gift basket if your customer happens to love tea more.

Chocolates are also one of the popular choices for business gifts. Choose high quality chocolates like Godiva and other established brands and put them in a wooden box engraved with your company logo to make the gift more special.

Besides chocolates, cookies are great corporate gifts but be creative and present the delicious cookies in an elegant manner. Send the cookies in a unique keepsake tin. This way, even if the client has finish eaten the cookies, the cookie tin will remind them of your gift. You can add personal wishes with your company logo that can be imprinted on the tin.

For the health conscious client, buy a fruit gift basket that include berries, apples, grapes, oranges and many other fruits or organic food gift basket which will show that you are thoughtful and sensitive towards your client’s need not only in business but personal as well.

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