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Teacher's day gifts advices for her | Female teachers

On Teacher Appreciation Day or Teacher Appreciation Week, if you are a student or a parent of a student, to show your gratitude, give teacher gift to the teachers that have taught you or taught your kids.

There are plenty and cheap teacher gifts to select for your wonderful and dedicated teachers. Especially for young kids, gift does not need to be expensive, homemade gifts are the most loved by teachers.

If you have a garden or your parents have one, pick fresh roses or any flowers, arrange them nicely and wrap them up with beautiful wrapping papers. To add some personal touch, write a teacher appreciation proem and your message in the Thank You card. If you have the time, you can even home made the card. Simple and thoughtful gift like this will make the teacher happy and admire your effort.

Another excellent, inexpensive and meaningful Teacher’s Day gift is a box of homemade cookies, brownies or cupcakes. Find great baking recipes from the internet, print them out on a nice colored card, make the baked goods, wrap them or put them in a presentable gift box. The recipe card of the baked goods should be included together, and add the last sentence of the ingredient list in the card, which is ‘1 cup of love’. This will for sure touches the heart of your teacher and in no time, you will be her favorite student of all time!

Besides baking, you can make your own jam of your teacher’s favorite fruit, such as strawberry, apricot, peach, orange, blackcurrant and so on. Put them in a nice jam jar and print out the label nicely and stick on it. Again, include the recipe card of the jam you make and add the ‘love’ in the ingredients.

If baking or cooking is not your cup of tea, one very easy teacher gift is to buy recipe books and present to her. If you do not have that much cash, find easy to make recipes or quick recipes from the internet that are simple to cook after a full day of teaching a classroom. Print the recipes on colored cards, have them laminated so that they are water or sauce proof and before you knew it, you already make a great recipe book for your teacher!

Scented gift baskets are favorites for lady teachers. Put everything that is lovely, relaxing and smelling good in a gift basket, such as scented candles, potpourri, incense, aromatherapy oil and oil burner, bath cream and body cream. Thank you baskets are always popular for everyone including teachers as there are always surprises in the gift hamper.

For the last minute teachers gifts, you may go for gift certificates to places like Kmart, Target or Wal-Mart to give the teacher the flexibility to buy anything they want. Other places like your teacher’s favorite coffee, restaurant, shopping places should take into consideration as well.

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