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Gifts advices for grieving and sympathy | Express your condolence and show your love and care

Sometimes a friend, neighbor or colleague loses a loved one through death. At this difficult time, it is thoughtful to let your suffering friends know that you still care for them. At this stage, their family members need to deal with the emotions, making arrangements for funeral services and insurance policies. This is a tiring process and most of them do not make time to rest and eat.

Common sympathy gifts or condolence gifts for funeral include sympathy cards or ‘I’m Sorry’ cards, sympathy bouquets or wreaths. Since the moaner will receive too many of these gifts, you should go for something different.

A sympathy gift basket is suitable at this time as you can include all the necessary items that they need the most. You can put in food that is quick and easy to prepare, inspirational book, bible, CD of hymns or other inspirational and encouraging music. If there are small and young children in the family that lost a family member, you can bring a separate sympathy basket especially for them. Include coloring book, activity book, crayons, color pencils, children book that explain death in a simple way. This condolence children gift basket will help the children occupy their time so that the adults will have more time to themselves to grieve.

You may also give caterer gift certificates to them so that the caterer will deliver meals to the family when it is needed. If you prefer them to have comforting home cook meals, you can prepare and deliver your home cook meal to them as soon as you feel it is appropriate. You may continue to do so up to the first seven days and let them know in advance. Do include disposable cups, paper plates, plastic utensils and paper napkins to make things easier for all. This is an extremely thoughtful way to show your sympathy and concern and they will always remember your kind generosity.

Other meaningful sympathy gifts include personalized photo album and personalized memories keepsake box. Engrave on it a special message of love and encouragement to the family.

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