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Best retirement gift suggestions for men, dad, grandfather

When someone you know is retiring soon in a company who may have opted for an early retirement or who has reached the retirement age, there is a call for retirement gifts to wish him congratulations and best wishes with his newfound time or freedom. It could be a senior retirement of your family member or friend, retirement employee of your co-worker or even retirement employer of your own boss.

When selecting a retirement gift, you should consider the retiree’s characters, interest and hobbies. For a retiree who has always been a very meticulous and well-planned person, getting him a retirement planning software or a retirement calculator as a gift will be a perfect gift, to help him with his retirement planning. A retirement plan is required to control the individual retirement account and keep track of all the retirement benefits he is soon to obtain such as the retirement pension or annuity, retirement savings, retirement fund, retirement insurance, etc. With proper retirement plans, one might get involved with retirement investment using the extra retirement money he has.

If he enjoys sports or likes to go to the gym and has been putting it off for a while due to work commitments previously, it is time you help him do what he loves best. Get him a gym membership. Choose the one that is near to his residence home and that provides free consultation with a physical trainer. If he is the type that prefers to exercise at home, get him a dumbbell set, exercise gear such as water bottle, running shoes and tracksuit together with a few exercise videos which include good instructions and appropriate for his fitness level.

While some are enjoying resting and engaging in their hobbies, others might have a hard time transitioning into retirement. If this is the case, you can give him a retirement guide through books such as ‘The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life’ by Jan Cullinane or ‘The Complete Guide to Creative Retirement’ by Robert Kelley. These books are excellent inspirational and educational gift as they cover physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of life.

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