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Recognition tips for children's report cards day

Mark the reports card day with a requested gift or a surprise for the top grades and even the one without a straight A deserve a reward as well, as long as the grades are on an upward trend.

Usually for elementary school students, be it boy or girl of all ages look forward in getting new clothes and accessories for the school. If you know your child’s sense of fashion, then you can help them pick the style that they love. If you are not too sure, then buy them a gift card for their favorite clothing store and let them pick their own choice. Jeans, shirt, sweatshirt, shoes, belt, wallet and cap are few items to choose from for the boys. As for the girls, jeans, blouse, cardigan, sweater, shoes, purse, belt, jewelry and hat are something they look forward.

For boys at this age, they have their favorite sports team like football or soccer such as the Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea or F1 car racing like the Ferrari, Mc Laren, Renault or any other sports such as basketball, baseball, etc. With this useful information, you can buy your boy’s favorite team merchandise items such as jerseys, cap, mug, water tumbler, keychain, notepad, figurines and many more.

As for girls at this age, they start to have their favorite music idol, singer or boy band. You can buy for them their music CD and merchandise items. If they love a particular movie actor or actress, buy their movie DVD or bring your kid to the cinema to watch the movie.

Take some time off and bring them to their favorite restaurant or fast food outlet. Finally, acknowledge their good work and motivate them to continue to be hardworking.

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