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report card day | motivating gifts for preschool children

Your child can get very nervous when receiving the kindergarten report card from the school teacher, mailman or getting the report card online. If it has good report card comments, then he or she should deserve a reward for the hard work. But if the grade is not as what you expected, you can also give your child a small gift as a motivation and let them know that if they work harder and get better grades or improved grades, then the gift will be upgraded the next round.

There are many fun gifts for kids and good thing about kidís gifts is that there are cheap gifts too and are still popular among children. Fun stuff like cute and colorful stickers, colored pens or markers and magnets are few items that a child can use to decorate their own school space. Childrenís easel and art supplies are also great creative gifts and a good motivation for the kids to score better next time in their school card with good report comments.

For those kids that score pretty well in the reports card, then the reward will be about as good as the grades. Talk to your child, give them a few options and ask them to pick one.

Most boys love educational and fun computer games, action figures, magic trick kit, bicycle, science related play sets, their favorite cartoon heroes merchandise and many more. While for girls, they love soft toys, dolls such as the beautiful Barbie dolls, jumping rope, bicycle, pop-up storybooks, music box, dress and others.

Spending time with them of course is the best gift ever, like taking them to a local park, zoo, theme park or amusement park. You can also bake their favorite cupcakes, cookies, fudges or brownies and have them help you in the kitchen.

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