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Rewards for high school student during report card day

When your high school kid gets the reports card and it is a job well done, it is good for parents to give positive reinforcement and lots of acknowledgement. Some reward their smart and hardworking children with presents, cook their favorite meal, treat them to their favorite restaurant or bring them to catch a movie in the local theater.

Nowadays, children are so into high technology stuff, so a high tech gift may be a wonderful reward. You can choose to give important electronic gadgets like Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), mobile phone, calculator, computer, external hardrive, CD burner, laptop and printer. Or you can buy them fun electronic gadgets such as digital camera, iPod, Play Station, Xbox, DVD player and music player.

Teenagers are also into fashion, so buy them gift cards to their favorite mall so that they can pick the clothes that they love. Never ever buy their clothes without bringing them to the store to choose. But it is alright if you buy accessories such as earrings, bracelet, necklace, pendant or ring for a teenage girl. While for a teenage boy, you can pick a cool sports watch, backpack, belt or wallet.

At this age, they are very particular with their looks, so you can start introducing your high school boy about personal care by buying them razor or electronic shaver, shaving cream, facial cleanser, hair cream and cologne. As for the high school girl, buy her bath and personal care products like bath salts, beads, bath gel, body cream, facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer and some basic cosmetic items.

If you still have no clue on what to get for them, you will never go wrong in giving monetary reward. With that, they can save the money until to the amount which they can buy the things that they have been longing.

Lastly, praise their effort and support them in continue getting good marks in their high school report card.

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