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Great job promotion and appreciation presents for technical profession

Many important people in our lives overcome challenges, complete massive tasks and achieve great heights of accomplishments and finally they are rewarded with a big promotion and a nice salary increment. Always tie in the theme of the event to the gift, so if it is a promotion at technical field work, get them a promotion gift related to technical. High tech gadgets or other creative and innovative devices will surely make them satisfied with your choice of gift.

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is a wonderful gift as it captures everything, records audio and link it to what you write. If this Smartpen is beyond your budget, you can go for a Digimemo digital notepad with memory. It helps to record your notes, ideas, sketches, drawing and flowcharts. Another cool gift is the Visioneer Cardreader 100, it helps to scan business cards via USB to your computer without you typing it! If you are looking for advance technology, opt for this laser pointer spy tool, a combination of conventional tool and a laser. It actually has 10 devices all in 1.

For the less serious presents or fun gifts, go for the cute and chic USB mini fridge that actually looks like a fridge! It helps to keep your drink cold while you are at your computer. You can also go for the USB drink chiller and warmer. The device can be set to warm or chill a drink while you surf the net. Other gifts that use the computer USB to function include heating gloves so that your co-workers or computer geek friends get their hands warm as they work in a chilled office. A perfect combination to this gift is the heating slippers, to keep their feet toasty while working near the computer.

Other electronic gifts that will make your friends and family members appreciate are digital pocket photo viewer which holds up to 180 digital photos, key finder key chain that helps to find lost keys from a voice recorder, parking timer and microlight, electronic wine master that helps you select the perfect wine depending on meal, vintage or location and finally the electronic golf score counter for the golf enthusiast.

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