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Teacher or lecturer promotion gifts ideas | career advancement gifts

A teacher, tutor or lecturer is a noble job as he or she shares knowledge with others to build a better and well equipped generation. They deserve to be rewarded at all times and especially if they have being promoted to a higher level, as a colleague, subordinate, friend or relative, you should get him or her a promotion gift.

For women gifts, you can get her congratulations flowers, promotion greeting cards, or wearable and usable items such as earrings, pearl necklace, scarf, personalized embroidered handkerchief, tote bag, purse, perfume, make-up kit or cosmetic kit, toiletries set and spa set. For men gifts, you can get him potted green plants, congratulation cards, tie, wallet and cologne.

Gifts that work well for both genders are candy or sweet bouquet, tea lover or coffee lover basket, chocolates, homemade fudges, brownies and cookies. Personalized coffee mug is another great way to recognize an outstanding person. You may also try getting something for their work desk such as calendar and planner, desk clock, pen holder, calculator, paperweight, bobblehead figurine of a famous and admired leader and photo frame.

A well received gift that is all time favorite by anyone, male or female, is a book lover gift basket. They definitely enjoy reading and that is why they choose to be in the education line. Just include a few best seller books, portable mini reading light, a small cushion, throw, instrumental music CD and some tea bags or coffee bags to enjoy with.

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