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Great New Year gifts advices for recipients who wish to be sporty

It feels great if you are part of fulfilling personal dreams of your friends and loved ones. If your family or friends talk about their hopes or New Year’s resolution, you can show your thoughtfulness by getting them New Year’s gifts that help them achieve their goals. Most people want to be fit, adventurous, sporty and healthy and they have made this as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Some have this thought but they specifically do not know what or how to start off with.

If you have the extra cash to spend, you can buy a pro three-wheel cruiser that offers innovative steering and mental and physical fitness. A mountain bike or BMX bicycle is another great gift for the adventurous. If he or she already has one, buy them a crash helmet, safety knee and elbow pads, drinking sports bottle, waterproof backpack or any other accessories that can go along with it.

For those that prefer normal outdoor exercise such as jogging instead of the hardcore adventurous exercise, you can give a jogging tracksuit, sneakers from Adidas, Puma, New Balance or Nike brands, Nike+ iPod sport kit or a Discovery Weathertech that helps the jogger to know whatever Mother Nature dishes out so that he or she can always be well prepared.

For indoor exercise, you can get them a treadmill or other exercise equipment that can be placed at home. If that is above your required budget, then go for a simple yoga mat and yoga sandals. Yoga is another great form of exercise.

If you are worried that these items might not be suitable for your friends and family, the best is to get them gift cards or gift certificates to their favorite sports store or departmental store that has different types of sports equipments and gears to be offered. You can also help them sign up for a membership to the local fitness gym to begin with.

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