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Thoughtful New Year presents | Healthy and fitness gifts for loved one

Many kick off the New Year by making a New Yearís resolution. Among the popular resolutions include staying a healthy lifestyle and commitment to a new diet and workout program. There are many great ways to lead healthy eating plans and exercise programs for a balance, stress free and happy life.

You can motivate your family or friends that have such resolution by giving New Yearís gift related to it. Support their objectives by buying wonderful cookbooks with healthy and wholesome recipes so that he or she can prepare easy and simple healthy meals at home.

Having suitable kitchen tools make healthy cooking easier. So you may want to give essential kitchen time saver tools to promote health such as a food processor to chop the vegetables in a jiffy, a grill to allow the fat to easily drain off the meat, a blender for protein drinks and smoothies and a juicer to make an easy to digest juice out from the goodness and freshness of vegetables and fruits.

You can also consider getting a healthy gift basket filled with fresh organic products with no artificial coloring, preservatives, chemicals or refined sugars. You can choose the available diet baskets which are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, diabetic or those that want to lower the cholesterol level or lower the fat or calories level. If you search online, you will come across many great nourishing gourmet basket sites that provide delivery service to send the sugar free, low fat, low carb and heart healthy gift baskets right to the recipientís door step. These healthy and nutritious gift baskets can be customized for different special dietary needs. They are not only healthy, but delicious as well!

To help them understand more about health for the well being, give them an annual subscription of health magazines such as the famous Menís Health, Womenís Health, Natural Health, Menís Fitness, Prevention, Shape, Weight Watchers, Muscle & Fitness, Fitness and many more.

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