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First time mother presents advices

Many people tend to forget about the poor dear mommy when she just delivered a newborn baby. Usually the new baby arrival gets the attention and the new baby gifts are all for the baby. So, be different and buy a gift for the mum, she deserves to be rewarded and be pampered for all the hard work that she has gone through.

All new moms look forward to get back in shape and relax her muscles and aches after delivering the new born baby. You can help her by getting her milk bath set that contains organic milk, lemon, lavender oil and sandalwood to keep her tummy dry, back rub oil that contains roman chamomile that will relax her mind and muscles, stretch mark oil that consist of rose seed and carrot to soften her skin and nipple cream that has apricot oil to moisture her cracked nipples when breastfeeding. Put these mother-to-be essential items in a gift basket or in a gift bag.

You can also fill up a diaper bag or basket with lavender scented spa kit such as massage oil, stretch mark cream, foot soak, shower gel, bath beads, bath salts and body lotion. Together with these spa products, include lavender scented candles, scrubbing bath glove, eye mask and relaxing herbal teas to help her relax and de-stress. You may include a local spa gift certificate for a half-day massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.

Besides that, look for DVDs that help the new mother to tone her muscles, improve balance and blood circulation. Yoga is a perfect choice as it will assist her to relax and workout without putting excessive strain on the mother.

For a first time mom, there is so much to learn for pre natal and post natal. Look out for useful information, advices and tips for the new parents that include ways to take good care of the baby, the mom, dietary needs and many more.

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