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Great gifts advices for experienced mother

It gets tougher for mom that just gives birth to a new baby when she already has a few older kids. You can expect that she has very little time for herself, her other kids and the house. It gets harder for her to do the dishes, laundry or attend to her older children’s needs when she has to always hold the baby. Getting her a baby carrier is an excellent gift as she can get her tasks done and studies showed that babies that are carried in a baby carrier will cry less. There are so many different kinds of ways to carry the baby and the carrier comes in different material, patterns and colors.

Another great gift that will be appreciated by the experienced mother is a cleaning service gift certificate. Engage a 1-month maid service for her that cleans her house weekly. You may also opt for the I-Robot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner that will help clean her house anytime she wants it. It is a small compact vacuum that will vacuum the room by itself and return to its base charger when done. However, if you do not have that budget for any of those gifts, then choose to volunteer yourself to clean her house. This gift will help the mom greatly and can really take the load off her shoulders.

If you know that this newborn baby will be the last child and she is not planning to have another one, get her a family portrait as a gift. This is a great gift for her whole family. She might want to shed off the extra pounds and prefer her newborn baby to be a little older before the family photo is taken, hence get her a gift certificate which has no or long expiry date that includes fees for the professional photographer and portrait package.

Many stores sell personalized gifts especially for babies. Try get for the parents as well as their older kids. You can consider jewelry or prefer a simple identification bracelet that has the name and birth date engraved on it for the children. While for the parents, have all their children’s names on the bracelet. Choose a matching set for the entire family to make it special. Personalized quilt or blanket is another thoughtful gift that includes the names of the family members or the family’s surname.

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