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Help your kids to find best mother's day present for mommy

Mothers Day does not only limit to mothers and mother in laws. If you are a husband and a father and your kids are too young to know what Mothers Day is all about, you should explain to your child and work with them to give your beloved wife a surprise. Find a mini and easy project that you and your kids can do to make a memorable Mothers Day gift for your wife.

To start off with, ask your child to make a Mothers Day greeting card. Guide them to draw a family picture on the front of the card and teach them to write sweet message to their mummy. Work with your kids to prepare a special tray for breakfast in bed and put the card with a rose next to the breakfast.

You can also frame your childrenís artwork, wrap it up and ask them to present it to their mom. Either that, or make a scrapbook filled with photos, letters and mementos. This is a great family activity as it helps your children to understand the importance of a family and to expose them in treasuring every moment of it.

Other easy and fun activities that kids will enjoy include making handmade scented soaps that come together with their hand-painted soap dish or homemade scented candles with their hand-painted candle holder.

You can also create a special personalized Mothers Day song dedicated to your wife. You can play the piano or guitar and ask the kids to serenade to their mom. This Motherís Day gift will definitely touch her heart.

One of the best Mothers Day gifts is to give mom the precious gift of relaxation and time. So, give your wife a day off, give her a spa treatment gift card to the local spa and massage parlour, and you and your children can help mow and rake the lawn, clean the attic, living room and bedrooms, do the laundry and the dishes. When she is back from the spa, she will be surprised to see all the work at home is done!

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