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Memorial Day cemeteries visit related gifts

Memorial Day is also known as Remembrance Day or Decoration Day, to commemorate US men and women who died while in military service to their beloved country. The Memorial Day weekend is an event day for Memorial Day parade and paying respect at the cemeteries or graveyards.

On this day, families and friends mark the soldiers’ graves or tombs with the American flags, memorial flowers, memorial wreaths and ornaments such as small crosses and angels.

Memorial flowers such as floral arrangements in the shape of a heart are very popular. You can also add the name of tributes by using individual flowers forming the alphabets on a background of greenery. Chrysanthemums, Longiflorum lilies, roses and carnations are well-liked especially the white ones as it represent purity, truth and honesty. Yellow and pink colors are often used as well. Since the flowers are sent from the sincere heart, the decision must reflect your personal feelings towards the heroes and heroines.

Memorial wreaths represent the circle of life. They consist of mixture of flowers to create a soft and serene effect. You can select the color and variety of flowers in accordance to the season. The name of the respected deceased can also be added for personalization.

This day is a sensitive time where family and friends show their respect and proud towards the sacrifices that the soldiers had made for the love of America and God. Mark this important day by choosing the best tribute to express your sentiments.

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