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Gifts ideas for party host and hostess

Independence Day is also known as 4th of July. This holiday is celebrated with red, white and blue festivities including the American flag waving parade in the day and fireworks display in the night. With this holiday, many US citizens grab the opportunity to have a family, friends and neighborhood barbeques and picnics.

There are many cool gifts or unique holiday gifts that you can bring along during this gathering to show a little courtesy. You can bring streamers, sparklers, miniature liberty bell, top hat for all the guests to wear, table cloth, candles, candle holders with the color of red, white and blue, patriotic music CD, Uncle Sam memorabilia and most importantly, the America flags for everyone!

If you are attending a picnic outing, buy a nice picnic basket and add some goodies in it. With this festive mood, you will see everyone gobble up the food in spilt seconds.

If you are throwing out a barbeque party, you may get the new and latest BBQ grill that will grill to its perfection. If you are attending as a guest, buy the host special gifts or make your own homemade gifts such as a gift basket of gourmet food for the barbeque. The favorites include corn, hamburgers, hotdogs, steak, apple pie, salad and of course cans of beers!

Surprise the young ones there with gifts for kids such as goodies that are colored with red, white and blue, like lollipops, mints, chocolates, cupcakes, cakes, jelly beans, gummy bears, puddings, ice-creams and many more.

You may also give small and cheap gifts for your guests as a party favor. Purchase small trinkets or other knick knacks and wrap them up with the patriotic colored gift wrappers. Then, give it as a door gift or welcome gift as soon as the guests arrived at your doorstep.

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