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Apology gifts suggestions for women | say sorry to her

There are times when we do or say something that we wish we could have not done it or said it and hope that we have a time machine to rewind back and start it all over again so that we will not repeat the same old mistake. These are the occasions when we unintentionally make someone angry or hurt.

Either way, damage is done and you have to find ways to apologize, saying sorry and do whatever it takes to mend back the situation. Whether it is a friend, business associate, relative, loved ones or neighbor, gifts are a good start to say "I m sorry".

Chocolates are a good apologizing gift especially if she has the love for chocolate. You can go for Hershey’s, Godiva’s or Ghirardelli chocolates as they are of high quality and delicious chocolates. You can also go to the bakery and get some chocolate brownies, fudges or other confections and have them wrap up in a nice gift box.

Flowers are great apology gift and will cheer someone up. Let the florist know that you need the flowers for apologizing and they will recommend you the perfect flowers that all girls or women will love. You may opt for a potted plant or potted flowers if she loves gardening.

Look for the sorry say or sorry expression cute teddy bear that has a "I'm Sorry" message card between its paw. The pathetic look of the teddy is a great way to earn forgiveness.

A personalized heart shaped crystal photo frame, music box and keepsake jewelry box are among other apologized gifts that you can consider.

Gifts really can do wonders, they will appreciate your manner and sincerity and soon, you will be forgiven.

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