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Best housewarming gifts tips for new house owner

It is getting more usual to rejoice the purchase of a new house with family and friends by throwing a housewarming party and extend the housewarming invitations to co-workers and next door neighbors.

Even if there is no housewarming invitation and you got to know that someone just moved in to a new house next to you or in your neighborhood, you could give something as simple as a bag of sugar or a jar of honey with a personal message that says, “Hope you will always have a SWEET time in your new home. Welcome to the new neighborhood!”

If you know the new house owner well, you can give him or her an advance housewarming gift. Not necessary a home warming gift should be presented on the day you are attending the open house party. A very useful advance housewarming present is a set of moving cards or change of address cards. The owner can utilize this gift and send to all the family members and friends so that they are aware that he or she is moving to a new home and have the information of the new address.

Home products are always welcome, such as organic hand soaps, olive oil, teas or coffee beans. If the host has a big garden with flowers or vegetable plants, prepare a housewarming gift basket of flower seeds or veggie seeds with some gardening tools. If you have visited the house earlier and found that the new owner emphasize more on the kitchen design, a cook book will make a very meaningful housewarming gift.

With some little thought and sensitivity, you will find a great and significant housewarming gift to congratulate the new house owner.

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