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High school graduation gift advices

THigh school graduation day is a fun day for high school seniors and their parents as they attend the graduation invitations in schools, listen to the graduation announcements, graduation song, taking graduation pictures and throwing graduation party.

After graduating, the graduates will either go to college or work. If you plan to give graduation gifts for him or for her, ask the parents what the graduate will be doing. Giving money is practical and very useful but not creative. If you want to give gift certificates, find out where the graduate will be living, so that you can find nearby restaurants or stores and look for the gift certificates for groceries, food, spa, movie, etc. For those that will stay far from home, phone card or calling card and memory book will make great gifts. Those that are driving, a gas card as a graduation gift is very helpful.

If the graduate will be living in a dorm for college, buy a gift basket filled with supplies that the students need for dorm life, for instance bed linen, bed sheets, pillow cases, towels, alarm clock, eating utensils and plates, cookware, laundry detergent and a small bottle of quarters for the laundry expenses.

Books may sound like a boring gift but there are many nice books that will help them prepare for college such as ‘101 Things A College Girl Should Know’ or ‘Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: College’. You can get many survival guides that will help them pull through by just a simple search on Amazon.

If the graduate is planning to travel after the school graduation, you can consider getting a digital camera, luggage bag or other travelling accessories to help them gear up for the trip.

With this helpful gift guide, you can actually come up with something useful and creative for the graduate to enjoy and appreciate your graduation gift.

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