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College | university graduations gifts suggestions

The graduation gifts for college graduates or university graduates will be slightly different than high school graduates. The gifts maybe slightly more expensive to award the grad for successfully complete the difficult semesters.

Acknowledge their effort, determination and hardwork by buying tech gifts such as computer or laptop, iPod, palm pilot, audio accessories and all the IT related gifts.

Graduation keepsakes are thoughtful gifts. You can get the college or university memorabilia as something that they will cherish when they have started working, or the learning institute graduation frames for them to put their taken graduation photos as remembrance.

As they will be off working soon, you can help lighten their financial burden with a short term or temporary health card or health insurance. Executive pen or pencil set make wonderful gifts too, to help them prepare in the working world. Clothes that are suitable for job interviews are very useful, hence you can offer to buy those gift certificates to the stores or bring them for shopping. Never select the clothes by yourself as one needs a great and comfortable outfit for interviewing to get the confidence.

If you know the major course of the grads in the college or university, you can buy their future career supplies, like the law grads will need a professional looking briefcase, nurses need nice but not too fancy hair accessories for the hair and comfortable shoes, chefs need a nice set of kitchen knives, engineers need measurement apparatus or tools and the list can go on and on for different careers.

Find out what the grads really need and want before you decide the gifts to give them. With that, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting them the best and practical graduation gifts.

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