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Generous gifts lists recommended for teenager boys | budgets $50

If you have enough budgets, getting a great gifts for teenager boy should be an easy job. Normally teenager boys are active and interested in sports, board games and busy with school's activities. Some might also love electronic gadgets like ipod. Use some effort to find out what their hobby is and what they like should help you to find a perfect gift for him.

  • scientific education games
  • mp3 players, ipod
  • remote control car
  • dinosaur sculpture
  • designer jeans
  • watch
  • cordless mouse and keyboard
  • USB gadgets
  • Compilation CD
  • Interactive DVD games
  • musical instrument
  • hand held electronic games
  • concert tickes
  • eco gadget
  • Hi-Fi System
  • USB roll up piano
  • headphones



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