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Special Father's day gifts and celebration ideas for husband

Your husband deserves to get a Fatherís Day gift even though your child may be too young to know what Fatherís Day is all about. Even if your kids do know, co-operate with them to come out with unique Fatherís Day ideas to surprise your husband.

There are many fun-filled family activities such as making a Fathers Day card using colorful papers and cardboards, crayons, color pencils and draw dadís face on it with the words ĎI Love You Very Much Dad! Happy Fatherís Day!í

Mom can ask the child to make a mini ĎMy Dadí story book and ask them to write about their daddyís life, routine and why they admire and love their daddy so much. Then, instead of the usual daddy reads bedtime story for the kids, the kids will read for their dad this time. This is one of the greatest and touching gifts for dad!

Work with your kids to make a Fathers Day breakfast in bed for dad or make cookies, muffins, fudges or brownies for his tea time. All kids enjoy experimenting and cooking in the kitchen.

For dad that loves to read, ask the children to collect their favorite pictures of the family and mom can help them cut into fancy shapes. The kids can help to glue the photos on construction cards and make them into bookmarks. So, whenever dad is reading in his reading room, he can always have the family close to his heart.

Help the children to make hand puppet that resembles the dad by using mitten, colorful buttons, threads, strings and other fabrics. Then, come up with a script to ask the children to act out and tell a story about why their daddy is so special to them.

With that, your hubby will be a happy guy on Fathers Day and appreciate to have such a delightful family.

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