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Family reunion & family members gift ideas

As each and every individual is busy with their work schedule or school and some live far away from their hometown, it is not easy to get all family members together for family reunions. When the opportunity is there for everyone to meet up, you must make the family reunion a special one so that everyone has nice memories to remember of.

Gift giving for each and every family member might be slightly expensive especially during hard times, hence give gift or present for group instead of individual. This will help you save a lot of money and cut back your time searching for different gifts and at the same time, make everyone happy and surprise.

Family reunion planning must include fun activities especially family activities that can involve all the family members of all ages. Instead of eating out in a restaurant which can be very costly for large group, have a party planning for the whole family such as barbeque lunch or dinner in your yard. Bring barbeque set as a gift for everyone to enjoy, for instance the BBQ grill set, skews, paper plates and cups, barbeque sauces and barbeque seasonings and of course the food and snacks. You can put all these items in a nice gift basket.

You may also have a short family travel or family vacation such as having a picnic at one of the parks. Bring a gourmet or food gift basket for everyone to share and enjoy when at the park. Whatever favorite food that the members of your family love, just put them in the basket.

Besides that, you can have a family outing to the movies at the local movie theater or cinema. Just buy movie tickets (make sure you get the numbers correct!) with popcorn, assorted chocolates, candies and other goodies and put them in a big gift box or gift basket so everyone can open the gift together and use it later for the movie.

To have a family fun, you may get everyone wearing the same thing, either at home or during family trip, such as matching bath robes and socks for home and matching t-shirts and slippers for going out. Great things about family meeting is that you can purchase gifts in bulk from the wholesale store and get them in great discounts, for example personalized mug set for every family member to use.

Other family fun activities include board games such as Monopoly, UNO, Scrabble, Chess, Bingo, MAD, Checkers, Jenga, playing cards or puzzles that you can buy as a family reunion gift so that they can play together and build up the family relationships. Music Video Karaoke System is a superb family reunion present as everyone can sing along and have great laughter.

Family get together gift that has sentimental value include a family genealogy tree or crest family. Do a research on your family and have the genealogy detail and crest family detail print out, laminate it and frame it as a keepsake. Another sentimental family gift is having a family photo turn into a portrait. Get everyone to take a family group photograph with a good quality camera. Enlarge the photo to be hung at home or duplicate copies to distribute to each member of the family.

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