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Good Friday | Easter day gifts tips for men

When we have reached the adult age, we find that Easter day will not be as great as before when we were kids. Just because many of us are far past believing in the Easter bunny, finding the Easter eggs and coloring the Easter egg, that does not mean we should not enjoy the Easter holiday.

With some creativity, you can actually come out with a neat Easter basket for an adult man, which could be for your family or your loved one.

If the receiver is a golf enthusiast, include items that are related to golf in a gift basket. Add another cute item to the golf Easter basket which is plastic eggs. Put in golf tees or golf balls in the plastic eggs container.

Shaving supply basket is another great Easter gift. Buy a basket and fill it up with Easter decorations, then include shaving accessories such as a shaving gel, razor, disposable blades and an aftershave.

You may also buy a few bottles of beer, beer mugs and a bottle opener or a bottle of red wine or white wine, wine glasses and a bottle opener and put them in a reusable basket, take some shredded green color papers to make it looks like Easter grass, and then decorate the basket to complete the whole Easter basket.

For teenage boys, you can get a gold or sterling silver cross on a neck chain, gift cards to the apparel store, electronic store, fast food restaurant or video rental store. You can put these small items in a plastic Easter egg and tie a nice bow around it.

Remember, Good Friday and Easter day is not only meant for kids to enjoy, adults too can have a good fun!

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