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Easter day and Good Friday gifts ideas for female

Not only you will have fun selecting Easter gifts for your family members, loved ones and friends but presenting the gifts in a beautiful way makes the whole process even more exciting. When you have chosen the right items to be given, arrange them nicely in the basket. Add in Easter decorations such as faux flowers, green grass, colorful plastic eggs, small soft toy bunny, a bow or silk Easter lily for the extra special effect.

For fashion lover, find items such as clothing or accessories, a dress shaped accessories hanger, a shoe shape photo frame, a keepsake jewelry box and gift cards to her favorite apparel stores.

For those that need to relax and love to be pampered, get her a spa themed basket which include bath beads, bath salts, bubble baths, soap, loofah, scented candles, towel, massage oil and body lotion.

For the manicure and pedicure fad, consider getting a nail care basket filled with pumice stone, nail files or buffer, polish remover, assortment colors of nail polish and enamel lotion to protect the nails.

Every woman or girl loves jewelry! So, get a sterling silver and diamond cross jewelry set. This gift will last for a lifetime compare to those candy and chocolates. If it is above your budget, you may just get a simple pair of earrings and put them in a lovely gift box.

With these gift ideas for adults, they will be more thrilled and appreciate this superb alternative to the tradition Easter candy and chocolates!

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