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Funny Easter and Good Friday gifts ideas for kids

Good Friday and Easter Sunday involves Easter coloring, Easter eggs, Easter bunny, Easter seals and plenty of candy. On the Easter holiday, usually the adults will treat the kids with chocolates, candies and all kind of sweet treats. But many parents try real hard to cut back on sweets on their children due to all the ‘candy’ holidays like the Halloween, Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day.

So, what are the alternatives that you can put in the children’s Easter baskets? For young toddler’s Easter basket, Playdoh, Playskool and Weebles are great stuff that will not disappoint any kids even though they do not find any chocolate Easter bunny or Easter egg in the basket.

All kids love bubbles, this is a cheap gift, but it will keep them entertain and they will have a great time playing outside with the bubbles, hence you can include bubbles and a bubble wand in gift baskets for kids. Colorful jumping rope and hula hoop are great Easter gifts too.

For very young infant who still does not know how to play with the above games, you can include cartoon character bubble bath and a rubber ducky in the gift basket. Pass the basket to the mummy and she will have a wonderful and easy time to bathe her child. Stuffed toys such as beanie bears can also be included inside.

For school aged kid’s Easter basket, include art supplies such as doodle pad, crayons, color pencils, chalks, markers, rubber stamps, cute stickers, coloring books and drawing board. To encourage reading, you can buy easy reader books or story books according to their age. Make sure to choose the ones with colorful and pop up characters. This little gift will sure to cheer them up.

Finally, make sure to decorate the baskets with Easter decorations to bring out the Easter mood in them. With that, they will not mind having no sweets at all in their Easter baskets.

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