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Christmas party gift exchange ideas

During Christmas holiday season, it is a norm to be invited to a dinner or a gathering which will follow by a Christmas gift exchange event. Usually, you will be told earlier that a present exchange activity will be held in the party and the cost of the price will be determined in advance so that each and every guest will bring a present that will cost more or less the same price. Most of the time, you do not know your gift will be intended to which recipient until the Xmas present exchange activity started.

Hence, it is wise to choose your present that can be used by both gender. Below is a list of inexpensive nice gifts for Christmas gift exchange event:

  1. Alarm Clock
  2. Aromatherapy Set
  3. Bath Set or Toiletry Set
  4. Bath Towel
  5. Board Game or Puzzle
  6. Box of Chocolates
  7. Calendar for the Next Year
  8. Candies or Sweet Treats
  9. Candle Set
  10. Cap
  11. Christmas Cookies
  12. Christmas Ornaments or Christmas Decoration
  13. Cocoa Gift Set
  14. Coffee Gift Set
  15. Coffee Table Book
  16. Cook Book or Recipe Book
  17. Cushion
  18. Diary or Organizer
  19. Dish Towel or Kitchen Towel
  20. Earphones or Ear Pods
  21. Gift Cards to the Local Mall, Retail Store or Book Store
  22. Gift Certificate to Restaurant or Fast Food Chain
  23. Gift Tickets to Theater
  24. Hand Towel
  25. Homemade Jam
  26. Homemade Preserves
  27. Honey
  28. Humor Book or Joke Book
  29. Kitchen Culinary Utensil
  30. Modern Christmas Song CD
  31. Movie DVD
  32. Mouse Pad
  33. Mug
  34. Name Card Holder or Business Card Casing
  35. Photo Album
  36. Picture Frame or Photo Frame
  37. Potpourri
  38. Quote and Poem Book or Inspirational Book
  39. Spa Kit or Stress Relief Kit
  40. Small Home Plant
  41. Small Radio or Shower Radio
  42. Tea Gift Set
  43. Thermos Flask
  44. Throw or Small Blanket
  45. Thumb Drive or Flash Drive or Pen Drive
  46. USB Drink Cooler
  47. USB Drink Heater or Warmer
  48. Universal Remote Control
  49. Universal Traveller Adapter
  50. Umbrella
  51. Wireless Mouse or Optical Mouse
  52. Wine

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