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Gag gifts suggestion for him | cheer up gifts ideas

When your guy friend ends up with a bad date, have a quarrel with co-workers or miss out a promotion, as a family or best friend to him, you find all sorts of ways to bring back the smile in him. Going out for a drink in the bar is one of a great way to relieve stress and pressure. But, you may do something else besides making him drunk to forget his sadness. It is an excellent idea to buy a joke gift, funny gift or a gag gift to amuse your sad buddy.

When you take him out for a beer in the pub, give him a Beer Alarm as a gift. Just attach this ‘beer burglar alarm system’ on his beer mug or bottle and set the proximity alert and walk away. Whoever, or should I say the ‘victim’ that comes within the range of his beer will get a shock in his or her life as the alarm will let out.

Another fun and excitement-filled adult toy is the Vibrating Boob Hand Massager. As he places his hand in between the ‘boobs’, the soft stress relieving hand massager vibrates and massages the strain of the hands and also to provide laughter for him.

The real ultimate funny gift for men or close male friends, boyfriends or husbands is the Execute Gentlemen’s Ball Scratcher. It comes in a form of a delicate and soft female hand for the guy to help around the hard to reach places, not only those 'places' but also to difficult obstacles such as empty beer cans, etc.

Remember, when choosing a gift for your male friend or family member with the purpose to cheer him up, the funnier the gift, the louder the laugh will be.

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