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Gifts to promote your brand image

Giving corporate gifts or souvenirs has become an accepted tradition. It is a great way to market or advertise your business image. These gifts are usually given to your clients or customers and your suppliers. Some companies hand out gifts to the employees as well because there and then the employees’ families and surrounding friends will get to know the existence of the company. Many smart companies also grab the opportunity to do sponsorship for certain public events such as the state’s marathon or other charity run, in return, helping to increase the company's brand values. Besides doing good deeds, you also get to publicise your company’s image and brand identity, which is a win-win situation.

Choose appropriate gifts which have sufficient space to print, engrave or embroider your business details and of course the company logo. You can purchase the items in bulk or in large quantity and take advantage of the special discounted rates. Check out different gift options that look presentable and at the same time suit your budget. Here is a list of corporate or company gifts that will help build your brand image. It is advisable to rotate or change different gifts every year to keep things interesting.

  1. Bag Pack
  2. Bookmark
  3. Business Card Casing
  4. Business Card Holder
  5. Calculator
  6. Cap or Hat
  7. Car Sunshade
  8. Desk Calendar
  9. Desk Clock
  10. Desk Organizer
  11. Diary
  12. Handphone or Cellphone Desk Holder
  13. Handphone Cover
  14. Handphone Dangler Keychain
  15. Jacket
  16. Key Ring or Keychain
  17. Letter Opener
  18. Mini Reading Light
  19. Money Clip
  20. Mouse Pad
  21. Mug
  22. Notepad or Memopad
  23. Paper Weight
  24. Pen
  25. Pen Holder
  26. Pocket Calendar
  27. Photo Frame
  28. Sticky Note or Post-it Note
  29. Sweatshirt
  30. Telephone and Address Book
  31. Tote Bag
  32. Towel
  33. T-shirt
  34. Umbrella
  35. USB Handheld Massager
  36. Water Tumbler

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