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Thoughtful gift ideas for friends or family who going through divorce, end a relationship or break up

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This is something that no one is looking forward to, but sometimes it is the best resolution to avoid any further heartbreaking. Some chose to return all the gifts received previously to the other person and cut all ties and contacts, while some chose to remain as friends.

When the breakup/divorce decision is done mutually, ugly scenes can be avoided and friendship can still maintain. Who says gifts are only given on happy occasions? Gifts can be given for this reason to show thankfulness for the time they had share previously and to wish the other person best of luck in the new phase of life. After all, it is better to make more friends than enemies.

Some close family, relatives or friends also buy gifts for the person who has just gone through breakup/divorce to cheer him/her up. This is one of the ways to show that they care for and he/she is not going to face this all by himself/herself. Whatever gift that you have decided on, he/she will remember your kindness in years to come.

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