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Technical advisor and team leader gift ideas | Happy Boss Day

Anything that has got to do with gadgets and technology will make your boss happy, thatís if he or she is from the technical field. Do some homework, check what your boss already has or what he or she needs, look for any latest gadgets in store and find out whether it is within your budget. With all this little research, you will get great bosses day gifts that will please your boss on bosses day.

If you notice that your boss leaves early every Friday, most likely he is out to play golf with the buddies. An electronic golf swing trainer can help to perfect your bossís swing. While an electronic golf score counter display the score for each hole and calculates 9 and 18 hole totals. It can also count putts. A golf ball finder glasses are another wonderful gift for golfers as these glasses are ball spotter designed with special tinted lenses to filter out grass and foliage so that the golf balls glow against tree or fairway. These gifts will sure make his or her fun day even more fun than ever.

Most likely your boss spend seating on a plush leather chair in the office, a place where he or she puts the thinking cap and come up with creative and innovative ideas. Add comfort to your boss by buying a massaging cushion that can be put over the chair. The massager comes with an easy to operate hand controller and also can be placed for a car seat or on his or her couch at home. There are many massagers that you can find and the price range from $45-$75.

To help your boss organize his or her working place, you can get a charging valet which helps to charge and store all the gadgets while hiding the power strip. And to help organize his or her work, a Digimemo L2 USB digital notepad is a superb boss day gift. It helps to record ideas, notes, drawings, sketches and flowcharts and stores them as image files to flash memory.

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