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Happy Boss Day | Gifts advices for superior

Boss day or national bosses day is a professional day which many employees take the opportunity to show gratitude and express thanks to their bosses. Some show their appreciation by giving boss day cards, shower them with unusual gift or creative gifts. It is indeed a gift day in the office. However, do confirm with your Human Resource (HR) department about the companyís gift giving policies at work as you do not want to end up looking like you bribe your boss.

Some prefer to give group boss day gift instead of an individual gift as individual gift boss might be perceived by others as a strategy to get special treatment from their bosses. Most office group will crew together and throw a lunch treat to honor the bosses or give boss gifts from the group. A boss card signed by those who report to the boss is a must besides the lunch treat.

If time is a constraint and eating out seems difficult for some of your colleagues that are tied up with hectic schedule, a catered lunch for the staff and the boss is a great option. If your boss is a very busy person that often skip his or her lunch and always on offsite meetings, meeting customers and suppliers, you might opt for vouchers to a favorite lunch spot with delivery service so that he or she will order the food anytime.

Homemade cookies, muffins, chocolate fudges in a nice box or a desktop candy jar filled with the bossís favorite candy may look like a simple and inexpensive gift but the extra effort to find out the bossís favorites and likes will sure to touch his or her heart.

Desktop paperweight, puzzle cube and pencil cup frame holder are among other gifts that will be useful for his office desk and it is worth considering these bosses day gifts.

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