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Academic supervisor presents tips | Happy Boss Day ideas

Before choosing the right boss day gifts, you need to know the interest and favorites of your boss. If he or she is in the education sector, reading is of course one of his or her interests. A subscription to a paper or magazine related to your boss’s interest is a great gift. Besides that, you can also give a gift card to your bosses’ favorite book store so that they can select the books or reading material they like. You may add in other items to top up such as a mini portable reading light, personalized bookmark, book holder or book casing.

If you are looking for a cost effective and yet memorable gift, gather all your colleagues and take a photo of everyone holding a banner or a card sign that says “You are the best boss in the world!”. Have the picture developed and framed it up. Find a morning before your boss comes in the office and place it on his or her table with a signed boss card next to the photo. This will be a nice surprise for your boss!

Another thoughtful personalized gift is to get a desktop paperweight which is a miniature Hollywood Walk of Fame Star that has the boss name engraved on it. You can add a gold name plate with a personalized message. This present comes with a black velvet gift box.

If you browse in the online shopping websites, you can actually find many great gifts for the office desk that are presentable and very useful. One of them is the marble memo pad holder and pen stand. This black with golden brown tones marble stand with brass accents holds a gold tone pen and memo pad. A calendar desk set is another practical gift. This calendar comes with a ballpoint pen and great about it, is that they provide engraving service so that you can leave your personalized title or message on it.

If your boss always rushes in the morning to work with his or her car, get the smart travel mug, which is a 16 oz. mug that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter to heat up beverage to a preset temperature. It also includes a 12 volt auto adapter. With that, you can rest assure that he or she will get a warm morning coffee everyday.

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