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Great gift tips for his farewell, saying goodbye and last day

If the guy is going on a long vacation or is moving away, it will be great to throw a bon voyage surprise party or farewell party for him, have every of his friends and family get together before he departs. To part with loved ones is a sad feeling, but the party should be a lot of happy and fun moment and must be a memorable event for him.

Have every guest bring a farewell gift for him. There are many nice goodbye gifts for men. Gifts that will help him during his travel include a backpack, convertible suitcase, digital camera and memory card, money belt, electronic multi-language translator, foreign language dictionary, guide book, map book, luggage tag, passport holder or passport cover, inflatable pillow, travel kit, travel alarm clock, pocket tool and many more.

Clothes or apparels make great gifts too, like sweater, coat, gloves and winter apparels for the cold weather or light-weight t-shirt, cap, hat, flip-flops and sunglasses for the hot climate country. You may buy them or purchase gift cards and present to him in advance so that he can get those items before he leave.

Take into consideration if he has kids that he will bring along in the trip, try get some small cute gifts for his children such as toys, travel games, activity books to keep them occupy and some snacks or titbits for them to munch during the journey.

Send postcards or e-cards (you can get them from 123 greetings website) to have constant communication besides the phone calls, emails or letters, to let him know that you care for him.

To send a person off is a tough thing. To wish him warm-hearted goodbye, do something to remind him of the friendship and fond love that he has here and a handy gift to wish him best wishes in the new place.

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